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Untitled (St. George Church)

The Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Lod was built in Ottoman times on the site of an earlier basilica housing the tomb of its martyred namesake. For centuries the church has served as the heart of the Christian community of this ancient city, formerly known by its Byzantine name, Georgiopolis, and its Arabic name, al-Lydd. Untitled (St. George Church) is a two-channel video installation comprised of a large video screen suspended in mid-air, showing the church’s iconostasis (an icon-covered wall that separates nave from altar), and a second small-screen video showing a priest giving a sermon in Greek, a language that is not understood by the parishioners, while an interpreter translates his words into Arabic. Guez punctuates each act of translation by adding the sounds of an oud, a string instrument associated with traditional Arab music not usually heard in church, making audible the cultural gap between the church leaders and their congregation.

Two-channel video installation, Loop, 2009.

The Rose Art Museum, Boston, 2012 - Exhibition view