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Scanogram # 1

Scanograms from Guez's CPA project.
The meaning of the term “Scanogram” is literally drawing with a scanner machine. Every Scanogram is made by three layers of scanning, each scan is programmed to feature a different aspect of the material, and then the artist composes the layers into one image. These fifteen scanograms , dating from 1938-1958, portray a woman, Samira, and her family. Each of the images documents an important event in their lives while they were together, before Samira’s family was exiled from Jaffa and dispersed to Lod, Amman, Cyprus, Cairo, and London.
One of these works depict Samira’s wedding in the Lod Ghetto in 1949, one year after what was a significant date for them: July 13, 1948. The day when her hometown was conquered by Israeli military forces.

Series of manipulated readymades, 60*75 cm each, 2010.