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Scanogram # 2

The meaning of the term “Scanogram” is literally drawing with a scanner machine. Every Scanogram is made by three layers of scanning, each scan is programmed to feature a different aspect of the material, and then the artist composes the layers into one image.
“Scanograms # 2, September 2011” offers a visual disorder in the Zionist-Israeli narrative, which was designed in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. The project not only relates to the history of the Palestinians, but also to the modern narrative of nationality designing. It opens a door to contemplating the regime of identities in general, and Palestinian and Israeli identities in particular. By bringing together historical narratives with personal stories, the installation enables the viewer to examine his/her own cultural, national, aesthetic, and political perceptions.

Series of manipulated readymades, 60*75 cm each, 2010.

12 Istanbul biennale- Exhibition view